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Bring in data from all your channels onto one beautiful dashboard. Perform cross-channel comparisons and understand what's working in your marketing strategy like never before
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How it Works

Simple steps to get Datapoolt to work for you.


1. Connect your accounts

Connect your social media, email marketing and web analytics accounts at the click of a button

2. Select your metrics

Choose the metric(s) you want to analyze from a list of our pre-built integrations or import any data through our easy-to-use API

3. Build your Dashboard

Organize your data for easy analysis by building a dashboard from scratch. To get started faster, use a pre-built dashboard template covering a host of use cases

4. Analyze your performance

See correlations between data, understand what works and what does not. Use fusions to overlay one metric over another. Set alerts for staying on top of any changes.

5. Build and Export Reports

Use the report builder to construct reports the way you want to with custom logos, headings, text and more. Export dashboards as images, PDF or even download the raw data in Excel

Why Choose Datapoolt

What makes us different? How do you benefit?


Centralize your analytics

No more switching between numerous tabs to get a hold of your data. Datapoolt's easy connectors make sure that you have to just connect your account and it does the rest. It's that easy!

Save time and effort

Datapoolt helps you save valuable time by presenting all your data in an easy to understand format. Take a look and use the power of Datapoolt to take marketing decisions faster

Understand your data

Datapoolt helps you easily understand correlations in your data. Compare one channel with another and combine data in a variety of ways to truly understand your data and refine your marketing strategy

Custom Made Reporting

Do not settle for a generic data export. Craft your reports the way you want it presented, with visualizations, custom text, custom logos and more

Datapoolt is for both brands and agencies

Choose a story to see how Datapoolt can help you

For Brands
For Agencies
Secure Data

Meet Mike

Mike manages the marketing team of a Acme Inc. His team works on numerous channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. He is torn because of all the decisions he has to make taking into account the metrics from all these different sources


Mike suffers as a consequence

The constant pressure to come up with the right decisions is taking a toll on Mike. He is bombarded with multiple data sources and numerous spreadsheets that he has to look at to refine his marketing strategy. The pace at which the online world changes is making its pressure felt on Mike


Mike discovers Datapoolt!

Mike discovered Datapoolt and his life has never been the same again. He is now able to centralize his analytics, see correlations between data and take the right decisions faster than ever.


He can see the future

Mike is able to spot trends on time and take the right decisions at the right time. He is able to look at the future growth of his marketing strategy by using a tool that will effectively keep him informed every step of the way


Mike has become a marketing Superhero


Meet Michelle

Michelle is the Social Media Manager at Razor Turtles Digital, a marketing agency. She works with multiple clients managing their numerous pages across social media. She is swamped with work as a result of having to prepare numerous reports in order to keep up with their frequent queries. She feels trapped and wishes there was a better way


Michelle's work begins to deteriorate

Michelle has to come up with ideas for her clients, backed by data, on a consistent basis. Keeping up with
numerous channels has taken a toll on Michelle and she keeps missing deadlines and even presents the wrong numbers to a few clients at times!


There's a better way!

Michelle discovered Datapoolt and her life has never been the same again. She is now able to prepare multiple reports and have the key metrics at her fingertips, all in seconds. The work that used to take days earlier only takes minutes now!


She becomes an expert

With all the grunt work being taken care of, Michelle is able to use her marketing chops in the best way possible. She begins contributing ideas with meaningful budgets, all on the basis of data that she now has at her fingertips


Michelle has become an award winning marketer!


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Datapoolt's Features

A host of features tailor made by marketers, for marketers. Datapoolt helps you save time and effort and refine your marketing strategy with ease


Multi-Channel Metrics

Bring in the data from all digital marketing channels. Social Media, Email Marketing, Web Analytics. We have them all.


See correlations between your metrics. Easily fuse one metric with another to see the interactions between channels, visually

Data Drill-Down

Zoom in on any metric and perform a drill-down analysis. Get the maximum information from your data

Custom Data (API)

There's a channel we have not covered? No worries! Use our API to send in custom data in any format and visualize them on your dashboards